Weaving Project

The aim of this project predicated on lifelong learning was to train 10 local women for weaving at Nişantaşı University, with the support of Anatolia Development Agency. These women were- chosen from the surrounding neighborhoods (Tayakadın, Akpınar and Durusu) of Istanbul Airport, - Besides learning weaving, these women also gained Trainer Certificate for weaving and they’ve started to teach weaving to other women in the neighborhoods. In addition, IGA purchased and installed weaving looms at two different locations which are in Akpınar and Durusu.

In addition to social impact of the project, environmental impact is also well integrated to the project. In this regard, 10,168 pieces of x-clothes of IGA Security team has not been thrown away, instead yarns of the clothes have been recycled and delivered the local women for weaving to produce new fabrics. At the end of the cycle, these fabrics would turn into clothes and bags under design and coordination of well-known artist, Fırat Neziroğlu.