​​​While the Project’s primary objective is to instill a mindset that fosters the upcycle of “waste materials” with the ultimate goal of zero waste, another objective pursued under the project is to generate social and economic yield for vulnerable groups.

Fundamentals of Project ARTWIST:
The fundamentals taken as a principle every time a program is set up under the project are:

  • to encourage upcycling of “waste” materials to the furthest extent possible while creating artworks and new products,
  • to generate income under the program and to ensure that this income is returned to the relevant groups in form of a social responsibility project.

ArtWist 2019 Program: The artworks and products has been produced by upcycling of 100 tons of construction wastes that had been generated during construction of Istanbul Airport Project and these artworks and products were exhibited on Istanbul Airport’s Grand Opening Day, 7th of April 2019 at the terminal building and the ArtWist Project has been officially launched with the honorable participation of First Lady, Emine Erdoğan on 21 June 2019 During the gala event of the Project, the ArtWist products have been sold at the auction and the income of the auction have been donated for support of Children Rehabilitation Centers under management of to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services as part of a social responsibility project. Click here for the video of gala event of ArtWist 2019.

Click here for the information of ArtWist 2021 Program.