Accessible Airport Project

Within the scope of Accessible Airport Project designed with a service concept to offer high level of accessibility and provide equal opportunities to our every guest, we had meetings with prominent non-governmental organization that stand out with their work. We experienced the Istanbul Airport with people that have visible or non-visible disabilities and got feedback from them. By blending the feedback we received and the solutions we came up with together, we started implementing pioneering practices one by one. To list some of these projects: tactile paving application “accessible road” - apart from standard applications - enabling all our disabled passengers to reach any service point and, the complementary to this, “indoor navigation” providing directions to places they want to go; “Very Special Guest Room” we provide for our guests who may need to get away from crowded and stressful environments; “Sunflower Lanyards” for our guests with a non-visible disability to increase the awareness of the personnel; and the personnel training sessions which will utilize 3D animation videos as the main material to explain the communication and conduct to make disabled people’s lives easier.