The “İGA Development Academy” was Founded

İGA, which has undertaken the construction of the İstanbul New Airport as well as its operational responsibilities for a period of 25 years, will be promoting, in collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, the slogan “Act Now for Development!” by providing communications and financial literacy education to 19 young people between the ages 18-30 and 1,000 farmers and neighborhood residents in the İGA area.

Projected to become the largest airport in the world to be built from scratch, the İstanbul New Airport has launched the “İGA Development Academy,” a sub-project of the “Social Investment Program” established on January 1, 2016. The project, with its slogan “Act Now for Development!” aims to enhance the capacities of youth and farmers living in the countryside and to help them to increase the gains from their sources of income.

At the academy, founded in collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, 19 young high school and university graduates between the ages 18-30 have completed the programs “From Interaction to Effective Communication” and “Financial Literacy” and have become eligible for a certificate as a trainer’s trainer. The young people completing the program received their certificates from IGA Operations General Manager and Executive Board Chairman Kadri Samsunlu, Professor of Economics, Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin and the Author Aret Vartanyan. The certificate holders were each gifted with a tablet that they could use in the project.

Speaking at the certificate ceremony, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of İGA Airport Operation Kadri Samsunlu commented that their sphere of responsibility was not only the project field but also the whole community. He continued by saying, “As an organization, one of the programs that we prioritize is the ‘Social Investment Program.’ As part of this program, our team conducted some research into the socioeconomic background of the neighborhoods situated around our project. Making use of the results we obtained, we brought to life some concrete and effective projects that would have a positive impact. In this context, we contributed to and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development and Sponsorship Administration) for entrepreneurial sponsorship and to İGA for local employment opportunities.