“Are You Aware?” Contest Winners Announced

The national photography and short film competition “Are You Aware?” organized by İGA in collaboration with the Mind Your Waste Foundation to raise social awareness of waste management and recycling has been concluded.

Winners of “Are You Aware?”, a national photography and short film competition organized by İGA as part of its sustainable development policies in collaboration with the Mind Your Waste Foundation striving for a waste-free environment, also supported by Büyük Efes Art, have received their awards.

Applications for the competition were commenced on December 23, 2019 under two separate categories, namely photography and short film, while the submitted artworks had to be assessed online for social isolation reasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the competition, Serkan Daldal, Belma Arslan and Oktay Subaşı, ranking in the top three of the photography category, and Nilgün Yanık Emiroğlu, Itır Sevig and Hüseyin Opruklu, ranking in the top three of the video category, have been presented their awards.

Along with that, in the online assessment made on 480 photographs and 10 videos that satisfied the competition specifications by the competition’s jury comprising Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş, Professor of Psychology, Gültekin Çizgen, Photographer, Güven İslamoğlu, Producer at CNN Türk, Ülkü Özeren, Advisor to the CEO at İGA, Gökhan Şengül, Corporate Communications Director at İGA, and Yasemin Vargı, Trustee at the Mind Your Waste Foundation, 19 photographs and 7 videos were found eligible for exhibition.

Winning artworks to create awareness on waste and recycling
The artworks found eligible for exhibition in “Are You Aware?”, which attracted great attention with its primary focus placed on the facts that mankind is consuming its resources as if they were infinite, that every piece of waste thrown into the environment remains in nature for generations, and that it is in everybody’s hands to reverse this situation, are shared on various communication channels to call the society’s attention to the issue.

Pointing out that the messages transmitted by the artworks that competed in the competition have been highly creative, Emrah Bilge, Director General of the Mind Your Waste Foundation, noted: “These difficult times that have made us think more about mankind’s impact on the environment, are the perfect opportunity to ruminate about reducing waste and disposing of our wastes properly rather than throwing them into the environment. The intent of “Are You Aware?” was to make people think about where the garbage we throw away without giving a thought goes, and what impact these wastes create on both nature and human health. The artworks that competed in the competition are giving significant messages on this topic. Now, it is time to make these messages reach larger masses to improve their awareness. You will be able to see them frequently in the coming period.”. Bilge also emphasized that, contrary to the way it used to be, crowded meetings and events would not be possible for a long time and added that the online assessment system they developed would hopefully set an example in this regard.

Target: “Zero Waste”
Ülkü Özeren, Advisor to the CEO at İGA, mentioned that İGA, as a company which continues its operations in line with sustainable development principles at Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub with tremendous operational achievements, also stands out with its activities on environment and sustainability, and pointed out that the amount of waste can be reduced notably through more efficient use of resources, with particular emphasis placed on waste mapping.

Underlining that the national photography and short film competition “Are You Aware?” has pointed at an extremely important environmental problem, Özeren made following statements: “The world is going through a process that none of us ever thought possible. The Covid-19 pandemic, putting the whole world to a challenging test, has reminded us of the importance of so many issues. Not only have these days made us isolate ourselves in our homes and change our habits but the environment and nature have taken a whole new shape. As İGA, we have seen over again how important the ‘Zero Waste’ goal we set at Istanbul Airport is. It has made us incredibly happy to see the competition we have organized in partnership with the Mind Your Waste Foundation contribute to this goal. We truly hope that this competition will help raise the environmental awareness of our people.”