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3rd Runway Preparations of the Istanbul Airport Continues in Full Force
10 July 2019
3rd runway operations continue in the Istanbul Airport that carries Turkey to the peak of
Istanbul Airport has collected its 42-month adventure into the book : "It is a Dream, Come True”
01 July 2019
İGA has published the book "It is a Dream, Come True” which covers the story of the constr
International Award to Istanbul Airport
19 May 2019
Istanbul Airport received the 'Special Achievement Award' in the 'Outstanding Innovations'
iGA launches their special passenger program
22 March 2019
iGA PASS, the special passenger program by iGA
16,000 people to be employed initially at Istanbul Airport
25 February 2019
Inaugurated on October 29, 2018
The second phase of Istanbul Airport Duty Free Zone Opened with 5 Stores!
17 January 2019
The second phase of Duty Free Zone
İGA increases capital for a second time in the same year
25 December 2018
A new capital increase 5 months later raises the capital to TRY 7.368 billion
The First Passengers Give Full Marks to Istanbul Airport!
19 December 2018
The results of a survey for evaluating Istanbul Airport passengers
İGA Plants the Future of Turkey!
16 November 2018
İGA, which will be operating the İstanbul Airport for the next 25 years
World's largest fuel supply system is at Istanbul Airport!
06 November 2018
Airport fuel systems are IATA approved
The golden age of Turkish Aviation Industry is coming on the 95th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic!
02 November 2018
Istanbul’s New Airport is opened!
Istanbul New Airport commercial aired
23 October 2018
One week to the launch, İGA aired its "Monument of Victory"