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International Certificate for Istanbul Airport's Carbon Management Activities
24 February 2021
İstanbul Havalimanı’nın Karbon Yönetimine Uluslararası Sertifika
Istanbul Airport: Leader of the Aviation Industry with "5-Star" Rating
15 December 2020
5-star rating for Istanbul Airport from the international aviation organization Skytrax...
Istanbul Airport Was Granted the "Best Digital Transformation in Europe" Award
17 November 2020
Istanbul Airport Was Granted the "Best European Airport for Digital Transformation" Award
Istanbul Airport Awarded "Zero Waste" Certificate
16 October 2020
Istanbul Airport Awarded "Zero Waste" Certificate
Istanbul Airport has been deemed worthy of International certificates in "Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Environment, Information Security and Energy Management "
09 October 2020
Istanbul Airport has received 5 International Certificates
25 September 2020
"A Dream That Came True" is Being Published
22 September 2020
Istanbul Airport Became the "China Friendly Airport"
18 September 2020
“A Monument of Victory: Istanbul Airport” documentary released worldwide
16 September 2020
Innovative Key Visuals from Istanbul Airport
12 August 2020
Istanbul Airport receive the first ‘Airport Health Accreditation’ Certificate in the World
26 July 2020
Istanbul Airport to launch Privileged Service for Passengers Aged 65+ Years
17 July 2020
Istanbul Airport Museum opens with “Treasures of Turkey: Faces of the Throne” exhibition