Press Room

25 September 2020
"A Dream That Came True" is Being Published
22 September 2020
Istanbul Airport Became the "China Friendly Airport"
18 September 2020
“A Monument of Victory: Istanbul Airport” documentary released worldwide
16 September 2020
Innovative Key Visuals from Istanbul Airport
12 August 2020
Istanbul Airport receives the first ‘Airport Health Accreditation’ Certificate in the Wor
26 July 2020
Istanbul Airport to launch Privileged Service for Passengers aged 65+ years
17 July 2020
Istanbul Airport Museum open with “Treasures of Turkey: Faces of the Throne” exhibition
15 July 2020
'July 15 Victory Photographs’ exhibition at Istanbul Airport
24 June 2020
Istanbul Airport signs EASA ‘Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol’
“A Monument of Victory: Istanbul Airport” to meet the audience !
03 June 2020
It offers a narrative about the construction process of Istanbul Airport.
28 May 2020
Istanbul Airport Terminal becomes the World’s Largest “LEED Gold” Certified Building.
“Are You Aware?” Contest Winners Announced
27 May 2020
The national photography and short film competition “Are You Aware?”