Transportation: Ready for Service

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has determined the bus routes to ensure access to İstanbul New Airport by public transport. All in all, 18 different bus services have been arranged, 15 on the European side and 3 on the Anatolian side. The longest line will be from Pendik via the north motorway, taking one hour and thirty minutes; the shortest route will be from Arnavutköy. None of the lines will have an intermediate stop, so the journey will be quick.

Special, highly comfortable buses will be in use with a capacity of 50 people each and a frequency of 15 to 30 minutes. Each bus will have two LED screens and each passenger seat a touch-sensitive LCD display with multimedia (MP3, TV, video, etc.) features and charging units to charge mobile communication devices. Modems will support 4G LTE and 3G frequencies to provide Internet connectivity. All vehicles will be monitored 24 hours a day by the Public Transportation Audit and Management Center by camera and vehicle tracking systems. All routes will be ready for service on October 29, the opening day of the airport.

Passengers and visitors who come by car will find more than sufficient space: The total parking lot covers 40,000 vehicles; 660 taxis will also serve the mobile needs of passengers. The train station between Gayrettepe and Istanbul New Airport, which covers a distance of 27 kilometers, will open at the end of 2019. The metro-line between Halkali and the airport will be ready a year later.