Technological Innovation Promises a Unique Passenger Experience at INA

As air traffic grows and creates new routes, airports need to adapt to the requirements and to become more smarter and proactive to changing aviation dynamics and passengers needs. The goal of the smart airport is to make systems and processes digitally aware, interconnected, infused with intelligence and simple to access by passengers. Smart technology will dramatically change the way we run airports and fly. They will enhance passenger experience and reduce stress levels. In the light of these informations, all advanced airports in the world were visited and information gathered, so as İGA, we are implementing all these technological solutions in the new airport.

At INA, we will use the latest technological advances. İGA mobile app will be of vital importance in providing information to the passengers and enhancing their journey. By integrating loyalty program with mobile application, it will be used for campaign management with retailers and food & beverage outlets.

Another key element is to use the internet of things to allow passengers to request and receive information relative to their location in the airport. It will allow passenger to provide feedback in real-time. By knowing where the passenger is in the airport, employees will provide immediate assistance.

Using the Internet of Things and big data will be crucial to proactively managing passenger flow through the airport, providing a real-time view of queues at security, immigration and other touchpoints in the airport – information we can provide to passenger through the app.

For passengers using İstanbul New Airport, one central improvement will be a bag drop desk. It enables them to check in their luggage quickly and easily. The system is simple: having checked in online or at the airport kiosk, passengers will be able to weigh their bags and use their boarding pass at the self bag tag kiosk located in the airport terminal to generate a label for their bag. The passengers will then be directed to the designated bag drop zone where they can transfer the luggage themselves.

After completing check-in process passengers who possess biometric chipped passports can use automated e-passport gates, avoid long lines, and get through passport control more quickly.

Technologies also help in travel retailing, creating a memorable experience. 3-D hologram systems, smart shopping carts with a charging function, mobile cash-registers and electronics customer profiling will be in use.  A “Magic Mirror” application, for example, will allow customers to see virtually how watches, clothes or make-up products will look on them without physically trying them on.

Also, we are building an intelligent Carpark with the most advanced systems like Parking Guidence with the special cameras. We are going to recognize the car from the Licence Plate and register their parking lot into our computerized system. Then, we will be able to inform our guests accordingly, when they scan their barcode on the ticket with their mobile devices. With the motion detection technology, video recording will start in case of movement detection such as crashes, robberies or inappropriate actions.