Record-Breaking Baggage System Ready for Opening

It covers a length of 42 kilometers and will be able to handle 30,000 baggage items: İstanbul New Airport’s baggage handling system has been finalized. It was specially produced for the airport. The design, production, delivery, and assembly were completed in a record period of only 24 months. For the first time ever, such a system has been prepared with such speed.

The baggage system is critical for İstanbul New Airport, which will be serving 200 million passengers a year along with flight services to more than 350 destinations once all phases are completed. “The system will ensure an uninterrupted passenger experience by bringing down the baggage waiting period to a minimum level,” emphasized Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Airport Construction. “Baggage sorting and stocking will be done by smart devices operating with 170 special microprocessors.” A total of 3,300 tons of steel were used and 650-kilometer-long cables were laid to build the system. Furthermore, the terminal building is equipped with 13 check-in islands and 468 points where passengers can hand in and check their luggage.

“Thanks to our baggage system, we will outperform many airports around the world. For example, our baggage storing capacity is 10,800 baggage items, which means that passengers who arrive at the airport early will be able to hand in their luggage whenever they wish,” Yusuf Akçayoğlu said. In case of delay, there will not be a problem with space to store the baggage, as 48 early-baggage-storing robots will put the luggage away. The system also includes ten domestic and 18 international baggage receiver carousels for incoming passengers. Eight of these carousels have the capacity to sort out wide-body aircraft. The airport also has 48 baggage-sorting carousels, which will help to sort outgoing baggage.