Milestones in Construction

More than 60 tower cranes reach up to the blue sky, while down below, on the ground, at least 15,000 people work at full speed to build the Istanbul New Airport which is growing day by day. Many of these workers have been given the task of installing the first part of the airport piers’ space roof.

Ter­mi­nal 1 of the Is­tan­bul New Air­port will be the world’s largest airport terminal under one roof, with a gross floor area of one mil­lion square meters and a capacity of 90 million passengers. Vaulted roofs cover both the main terminal building and the piers, and connect to a series of modular column grids that support and regulate the stacked spaces within. The installation of the first part of the piers’ space roof is now underway. The space roof structure spans 145,000 square meters, excluding the roof of the terminal building piers. The first phase is focused on building a roof section measuring 5,000 square meters in size. Completion of the roof construction is planned for the last quarter of 2017.

 “Installation of the terminal pier roof module is a construction milestone for the Istanbul New Airport,” says Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Chief Executive Officer İGA. “The installation is being carried out in cooperation with local manufacturers and engineers at full speed, just the same as with every other aspect of the construction project. Manufacturing and installation works are also right on schedule.”

The opening of the Istanbul New Airport is planned for the first half of 2018; construction started in May 2015. Work on the Airport City and air traffic control tower has also already begun. The Airport City is a multipurpose real estate development. The 690-hectare scheme will feature a central innovation district, hotels, retail and commercial office spaces, logistics centers, an expo and convention center, public spaces, and metro and high-speed rail connections to Istanbul and beyond. It will be a unique center of economic, cultural, and social life.

The air traffic control tower, shaped in the form of a tulip, is destined to become a new Istanbul landmark. At a height of 96 meters, the iconic structure will be visible to all passengers traveling through the airport. Construction is going to be completed by October 2017.