İstanbul New Airport will Minimize Impact of Climate Change

At the 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference (UN COP23) held in Bonn, Germany, IGA pointed out that it will massively reduce CO2 emissions. Through the use of innovative and green technologies, IGA will save 1.5 million cubic meters of water in a year, which equals the annual water consumption of 5,500 households. With regard to energy efficiency, İGA expects to save power corresponding to the annual consumption of 19,000 households and 30,700 tons of CO2 (eq) per year. Due to this TRY 33.2 million will be saved per year.

All businesses to operate in the New Airport, designed in accordance with LEED Silver certification requirements, will have the green building certificate. In an era marked by rapidly changing technology, İstanbul New Airport will be an innovative and sustainable airport.

Climate change is one of the most critical factors that affects and shapes the future operations of airports and other stakeholders such as airlines. İGA has been striving since day one to develop global benchmarks in an effort to minimize the impact of climate change and uses these benchmarks. In this respect, the İGA Environment and Sustainability Directorate delivered a presentation titled “İstanbul New Airport Climate Change Action Plan” as part of the UN COP23 forum “Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Practices in Aviation.”

Within this action plan framework, emissions are also down because of farsighted planning. At İstanbul New Airport, runway design included the distance between runways, location of the terminal building, and taxiway and runway layout in a way to minimize fuel consumption and reduce unnecessary flight time. This project was designed to have the capacity of serving both existing and future air traffic, so INA will not see problems arising from an increase in air traffic. This will, in turn, reduce emissions due to the reduction of planes’ fuel consumption during long taxiway rides or circling over residential districts while waiting in line.