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These are exciting times. The construction site in the Istanbul district of Arnavutköy on the coast of the Black Sea bursts with activity, while the Istanbul New Airport grows by the minute.

Dozens of cranes move heavy building material through the air, while big trucks drive back and forth and around 15,000 workers give their best every day. Construction on the roof of the terminal, but also on the Airport City and the air traffic control tower, has begun. 280,500 cubic meters of concrete have been poured for the terminal building since February. Construction is on schedule, with terminal concrete and artwork actually ahead of time. The beginning of the interior works is already in sight.

The construction workers will see to the installation of kilometers upon kilometers of cable: in fact, around 4,500 kilometers of copper cabling which would easily cover the distance from Istanbul to Berlin and back. The Istanbul New Airport will not only set standards in size, but also in terms of technology. İGA will offer a comprehensive set of IT solutions, including biometric features, augmented reality, beacon and geolocation technologies, smart kiosks, social media-enabled services, queue management, and airport mobile applications, to name just a few. They will help deliver a more efficient and effective user experience.

With a capacity to accommodate 90 million passengers per year at its opening in the first half of 2018, Istanbul New Airport will be one of the largest airports in the world. Given the fact that Istanbul acts as a natural land bridge between East and West as well as North and South means that it will also play an important role in global air cargo. 36 wide-body air freighters will be able to park in the airport's cargo and logistics area, that will ultimately cover an area of 1.4 million square meters and will have a capacity of 5.5 million tons per year.

More information on our the progress of the construction site can be found in this newsletter.

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