İGA Retail Day: Huge Interest in Commercial Areas

​A few weeks before opening, İGA hosted nearly 100 leading retailers that operate in a wide range of activities from technology to cosmetics, clothing, decoration, luxury consumer goods, food, and drink on İGA Retail Day. “Our most important priority is to make passengers comfortable and the shopping experience perfect. To achieve this, we are cooperating with the largest retail brands of both Turkey and also the world and closing commercial deals,” Mr. N. Mert Başar, Chief Commercial Officer of İGA Airport Operations, pointed out. “İstanbul New Airport will also be one of the most important platforms for the introduction of Turkish products and brands.”

İstanbul New Airport will serve as a window to the world for Turkish brands. They will get the opportunity to offer their products to millions of people of different nationalities. The retail area at the airport is vast. The duty-free store area alone covers more than 39,000 m² on the departing passenger floor and almost 14,000 m² at the arriving passenger floor. Fashion and accessory areas consist of premium and mainstream and each one of these areas hosts 25 sales outlets of 3,000 m². At the watch, jewelry, and bijouterie area, there is a tenantable area of 30 stores with a total surface area of 3,000 m². Other shops offer children’s clothing, home textiles, and accessories.