İGA Meets Airlines and Service Providers

As İstanbul New Airport construction continues in full gear, airline companies that wish to operate at the new airport started renting spaces. Invitations to submit their requests to IGA were sent to over 60 airline companies and airline service providers. 

“Based on the great interest we drew, I can comfortably state that the established airlines that are currently operating in our country would like to strengthen their positions, and the new airlines are watching for opportunities to provide services for passengers in our country,” said Hüseyin Keskin, CEO of İGA Airport Operation. “As İGA family, we are delighted to contribute to the competitive environment with this grand airport project that will turn Turkey into an important global aviation hub in the future.”

Meanwhile, İGA met nearly 150 representatives from IATA and AOC member airlines and service providers for the first time in İstanbul to share up-to-date information and exchange ideas about İstanbul New Airport. Topics like digitization and passengers’ expectations were part of the agenda. Istanbul New Airport will utilize robots, artificial intelligence, facial identification, and similar technologies that use personal data for check-in and baggage claim points.

Updated information on the operation and construction of İstanbul New Airport was shared at the meeting, which was attended by around 150 representatives from 46 airlines and service providers. Towards the end of the meeting, attendees were provided with request forms; the information shared here will enable the airport planners to better understand the needs and expectations of the respective companies.