İGA Celebrated the 93rd Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey

Employees working on the construction of Istanbul New Airport, the biggest project in the history of the Republic of Turkey, celebrated Turkish Republic Day on October 29 with a special video. The video, shared on the social media accounts of IGA with the @igairport domain name, displayed a special choreography in which 108 trucks were used to write the number 93 on a 36,800-square-meter area. IGA Airports Construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu said: “Today, all members of the IGA family, from engineers to drivers and workers, showcased one of the most important examples of unity and solidarity. Our employees, who have always shown their dedication, commitment, and devotion as befits the Republic of Turkey, prepared a choreography for the 93rd anniversary of the Republic. We are realizing one of the most important projects in the world, and we are proud to carry out this significant project to crown our country with the commitment and dedication of our employees.”

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