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Researchers from Istanbul Economics, an independent consultancy company based in Istanbul, have measured the economic impact of Istanbul New Airport. The analysis is 134 pages long. It looks at Turkey’s biggest infrastructure project ever from a holistic point of view, including its macro- and microeconomic impact but also its sociocultural contribution.

The figures they came up with in different scenarios describe the enormity of the multidimensional project. To name an example, the airport could create up to 225,000 jobs directly and indirectly by the year 2025. It will generate direct foreign investment, push innovations, support the integration of Turkey’s economy in the world market and the dynamic development of Istanbul, and will generally strengthen Turkey’s competitive power.

A n integral part of Istanbul New Airport is Airport City with its offices, hotels, schools, and shopping centers. At the MIPIM in Cannes, the world’s most prominent real estate exhibition, İGA will present its unique “aerotropolis.

At İGA we care. Not only for our staff, but also for the development of the area neighboring the airport. We have received the International Corporate Social Responsibility Award for a project that supports Roma children. That makes us proud – as we are proud to announce that to date we are the only company in Turkey to have received the renewed Environmental Management System certificate in aviation.

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