Airport Hotel

The London-based hotel group YOTEL undertook the operation of the airport hotel in the main terminal building, on the departing passenger floor, next to the passport control area. The hotel, which will be the largest airport hotel in Europe with a total of 451 rooms, will have two different hotel operations under the same roof, in the form of Air Side - Black Side, serving also transit passengers.The hotel to be operated by an international hotel brand that is experienced on operating hotels at the biggest airports of Europe will let all its guests experience a new type of accommodation through its modern design, functional rooms, and innovative understanding. With its meeting halls that have a modern and technological infrastructure and specially-designed restaurant-bar area, it has been designed so as to serve in the areas other than accommodation as well.

Four hundred and fifty seven rooms are allocated as follows: 102 rooms to Air Side and 349 rooms to Land Side. The air side room configuration has been designed to meet the top-priority expectations of the transit passengers. In this part, short accommodation starting from 0-3 hours will also be possible. The land side rooms, on the other hand, have been arranged so as to be larger and extra comfortable to allow for longer time accommodation. It creates a different ambiance within the terminal thanks to its fitness center, meeting rooms, and restaurant-bar-lounge areas.