Application Form

Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building Office Application Form


An "Execution Agreement" has been signed on November 19, 2013 between İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. (Istanbul Grand Airport, Airport Construction Ordinary Partnership Joint Stock Company) and the State Airports Administration for the construction of the Istanbul Grand Airport (to be referred to hereinafter as İNA) within the framework of a build-operate-transfer model. Within the scope of the Execution Agreement, İGA has been authorized to build and operate buildings and facilities that are the subject of the agreement and will support the operational and commercial activities of the airport.

Within the context of this authorization, İGA will allocate the offices located in the Cargo City, Customs Area and Cargo Agencies Building.

The delivery of the offices in said building will be realized about 3 months before the opening; the organizations and enterprises to be allocated offices will complete the furnishing of the offices, making them ready for operation, at the latest 1 month before the opening. For this reason, office allocation procedures shall be completed as soon as possible.

In this context, İGA seeks to complete the procedure of collecting pre-applications for the offices to be located in the Cargo City, Customs Area and Cargo Agencies Building.

This Information Sheet shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be taken to be legally binding for İGA or its agents nor shall any liability arise from the document. İGA reserves the unilateral right to change, cancel, or revise the whole or any part of the Information Sheet at any stage. İGA may not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be held liable for any compensatory loss or damages that may arise as a result of the Information Sheet. The Information Sheet and its appendices are the property of İGA and all rights are reserved.


Organizations interested in setting up operations in the Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building as legal persons are required to submit the following documents by
logging into the New Airport tab on the İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. website (, downloading and filling out the Application Form, and returning it with the information and documents listed below to the address

Documents related to the Company's Founding and Operations,

A memo of general information on the operations of the Company,

  • Operating Certificate obtained from the Trade Registry,
  • Company list of authorized signatures,
  • Company tax registration certificate,

An Application Form filled out with detailed information on any locations used by the Company at Atatürk Airport and/or other airports, if any,

And information and explanations on the office space requested from the İH Cargo City, Customs Area, and Cargo Agencies Building.

İGA may ask for additional documents if necessary.


İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. shall deliver the relevant offices in the İNA Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building completely equipped with infrastructure, vacant and ready for use; furnishings for the offices will be supplied by the tenant companies.

The Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building is made up of 3 floors. The sizes of the offices vary in the range of 13 m² - 19 m². Depending upon the location of the office, 3 different price categories have been determined. The m2 requested must be indicated on the application. If more space is needed, offices may be joined. If there is a high demand for space, assignment of locations may be made on the basis of the 2nd or 3rd choices shown on the Application Form.

The appendices provide detailed information on the building and areas.

  • Category 1 : 120 Eur / m² month
  • Category 2 : 110 Eur / m² month
  • Category 3 : 100 Eur / m² month

Rental fees do not include electricity, water, heating-cooling, air conditioning and Overhead Contributions (OC). These are calculated according to:

*Fees related to electricity, water, water treatment, heating-cooling, air conditioning expenses for the rented space and in line with the "Electricity, Water, Water Treatment, Heating-Cooling and Air Conditioning Price Schedule."

The OC fee will accrue as a 20% added cost of the monthly rental fee for landscaping, infrastructure (waste water mains, tap water, water treatment, etc.) and general road building and repairs, public area and road illumination, common area heating-cooling, air-conditioning, cleaning, security, general administration services and other administrative expenses.

18% VAT will be applied.

Parking Lot Services: A subscription system will apply to employees working in the Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building; the subscription fee listed in the parking lot price schedule in the year operations begin will be applied.


Following receipt of the required documents and applications, İGA will contact the companies whose applications have been accepted for discussions about contractual matters. İGA will determine the potential demand on the basis of responses received and all applicant organizations and enterprises will be considered on the basis of objective and fair principles.

An application for office allocation in the İNA Cargo City, Customs Area, Cargo Agencies Building does not constitute a guarantee of office allocation and İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. has the right to partially or wholly reject relevant applications.


All communications and sharing of information and documents regarding this matter will be forwarded only from the İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. address