Terminal Operations

The İstanbul Airport building has the world’s largest indoor area under a single roof created with the cutting edge technology in addition to the modern lines and it further offers both a functional and an aesthetic experience in terms of the accessibility for all passengers.

In offering such an experience, the Terminal Operations Directorate aims at maintaining the services, which are offered to the passengers during the period from their entrance in the terminal building until boarding or from getting off until leaving the terminal, by employing an uninterrupted, rapid, and solution oriented cutting edge technology and by ensuring cooperation among stakeholders. Thanks to the Information Kiosks located at essential points depending on the passenger flow, a live support service is offered on a 7/24 basis to respond to all questions and needs of passengers.

The BHS system installed at the İstanbul Airport has been designed by using the state of the art technology.  The outbound passenger luggage’s barcode details are scanned and transferred to the system by using OCR- (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Thanks to the individual carrier system (ICS), which minimizes the risks of loss and damage of luggage and which will be implemented in Turkey for the first time at İstanbul New Airport, all luggage processes until the final destination can be tracked step by step. Moreover, luggage will undergo a security scan prior to being loaded onto aircrafts by means of the high technology EDS (explosive detection systems) devices. The luggage of early arriving passengers will be stored until the flight time via smart cranes and automatically delivered to their carousels by means of the EBS (Early Bag Storage) system that is designed, again, for the first time in Turkey. By using these technologies, the luggage will be handed over to the ground service companies in a timely, secure, and complete fashion for ensuring their delivery to the relevant flights.