Technical Services

Our professional engineer and technician personnel serve on 24/7 basis in order to provide, transmit, and distribute energy and water supplies for the facilities and areas such as Terminal building, Support buildings, Apron, Runways and Taxiways and the Peripheral units within the borders of Istanbul New Airport, carry out the preventive, corrective, and breakdown maintenance and operation activities in an efficient, sustainable and safe manner, and ensure the uninterrupted infrastructure of the operational management through systematic approaches in compliance with the national standards.

The primary goals and targets of the “Technical Services” department are to detect and prevent the problems that may hinder the operating process by making periodic examinations through the agency of the Maintenance Management Program, Building Automations Systems and Central Monitoring, and Checkpoints, and ensure that all processes are carried out under the maximum efficiency and safety conditions, in order to meet the technical infrastructure requirements of the airport operating process in compliance with the ISO50001: Energy Management System and ISO55001: Asset Management System standards.