Air Side Operations

Airside Operations Directorate is assigned with the duties of ensuring the flight and ground safety within the Runway - Apron - Taxiway (RAT) field; keeping the RAT field available for flight without any interruption, coordinating all of the stakeholders, who operate within its field of responsibility, in line with the relevant safety and operational regulations, guidelines, and manuals, implementing the Safety Management System, extinguishing fires, recuing lives, and removing stationary aircrafts in case of any and all emergencies, removing snow and foreign substances, planning the aircraft parking positions, and; ultimately, maintaining the airport certificate’s validity. Further, it is responsible for the airside vehicle and driver authorizations, issuing apron licenses and meeting ‘Apron License Plate’ and ‘Vehicle Identification Card’ needs, conducting airside inspections within the aim of supervising the continuation of airside operational process within the national / international legislation and at acceptable safety levels, finding out irregularities and violations, and imposing / following up the penal sanctions​