We work to ensure a seamless passenger experience for our airport stakeholders, passengers and their relatives throughout all processes from the moment they enter through the gate of the airport to the moment aircraft takes off, thanks to increasing digitalization.

For a sound sustainability practice, the economic, social, and environmental parameters that are 3 sub-factors are included in all basic strategic and operational processes and decision-making mechanisms of the companies.

In order to make our employees who are our internal customers can feel no less than the importance that we attach to our external customers; we aim to prepare the environment necessary so that our employees can bring forth safety, justice, social feelings, and innovations, and to create a corporate culture preferred by the employees

In order to ensure corporate sustainability, translate the operational strategies into practical language successfully, and be determined against external factors, it is aimed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency by measuring performance, observing the deviations continuously, and making the necessary improvements.

Accordingly, the Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) concept management is targeted in order that the Terminal, Air Side, and Technical Services departments within the Office of the Chief Officer (Ops.) can be fully integrated. Thanks to this approach, AOCC will apply a proactive management method by observing the entire operation in real time by considering the targets of the airport stakeholders as well while the Terminal and Air Side make the department goals compliant with the corporate goals.