Until the official full site delivery by DHMI on May 1, 2015, we worked on the earthworks design throughout the year 2014, utilizing the soil surveys conducted by performing approximately 600 drills and more than 1,600 cone penetration tests at the construction site through temporary permissions.

We plan to go through four phases to complete Istanbul Airport, which will house six runways as well as two terminals with a capacity that can be raised to 200 million passengers a year.

During the first phase, we will commission three independent parallel runways, taxiways, apron, terminal building, air traffic, communication and meteorological systems in addition to the other service buildings.

The first passenger terminal building will be the world's largest terminal building under a single roof with an area of 1.44 million square meters, and we will initially serve 90 million passengers a year at this terminal.

We aim to increase this capacity to 150 million passengers with additional terminal buildings and runways during the subsequent phases of the project. Since our long-term projections include increasing the airport terminal capacity to 200 million passengers, we plan accordingly.

We have invested 300 million Euros to establish the largest equipment pool in Turkey that includes 3,022 pieces of equipment. Almost 36,000 employees including the subcontractors' employees work at İGA.