Airport Guide

​​​Dear stakeholders,

Istanbul Airport, which has high safety standards, special requirements, permits and a huge operation, has many components to consider during operation. With İGA guide; rules and regulations, İGA communication information, basic information and services and products will delivered to your attention. With this guide, we hope to inform you of our valuable stakeholders in Istanbul Airport.

The guide is organized in 4 main sections:

  • Access / Login Permissions: Certificates and process explanations to get started
  • Working Rules in İGA: Lists rules and regulations, including contacts and descriptions.
  • Special Services at İGA: Lists additional services and services of some of our partners.
  • Stakeholders and contact information: Describes some selected meeting forums and contacts at İGA.

This guide will help you with the necessary information about working at İGA and will also help you find the right people and the way to our agency.

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