A unique design
that draws its inspiration from Istanbul:

Istanbul New Airport

Cargo / Logistics Center

Turkey’s strategic location coupled with recent investments from foreign capital makes Istanbul New Airport one of the largest hubs in the world. This status allows our airport to contribute to Turkey’s increasing role in global air cargo.

In the first phase of construction, we plan to build a Cargo/ Logistics Center over an area of 1.4 million m2 and expand the area to 1.6 million m2 in later phases. The ultimate area will consolidate Istanbul New Airport as an important cargo hub. The first step towards this goal was the memorandum of understanding signed on March 4, 2015 with DHL to offer express cargo services on an area of 200 thousand square meters. We are currently in negotiations with other national and international firms. The annual reversible cargo capacity for the first phase of the Cargo/ Logistics center will be maximum 5.5 million tons. There will be an area of expansion up to 6 million tons of capacity in the later phases.

We have planned an impeccable operational infrastructure for the Cargo/ Logistics center, where more than 30 wide-body air freighters can park simultaneously. The area will be far from passenger terminals and entrepots, with airside service tunnels under runways and taxiways.

The Cargo City to be founded in Istanbul New Airport will include entrepots, agency buildings, customs offices and all cargo/ logistics operations offices. Banks, test laboratories, and vehicle parking lots will be available in order to facilitate access for cargo city employees and those who otherwise work in the area. There will also be another gateway for cargo city employees and passengers to avoid traffic in rush hours.

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