A unique design
that draws its inspiration from Istanbul:

Istanbul New Airport


Our guests at Istanbul New Airport, the biggest airport of Europe, will enjoy a dazzling range of unique products, stores, Turkish and international brands

All duty-free retail stores in our international airside area will be managed by our partner UNIFREE Duty Free..

Food Services

Istanbul New Airport has more food and drink courts than many airports total area.
Nearly 32.000 m² of our Food and Beverage area will operated. F&B Operator was selected through a tender. The sub-lease/rent of café and restaurants will be negotiated by the F & B Operator. Contact information will be posted as soon as possible.

At Istanbul New Turkish Airport you will have the opportunity to taste the finest examples of Turkish and World cuisines and spend all your time enjoying it.

Car Rental Offices

Our comprehensive and innovative car rental programme will include services such as a private area for rental car collection. We aim to host all domestic and international car rental service brands befitting the quality standards of IGA.

Bank Branches & ATM Points

We will host a variety of commercial bank brands. Our guests will be able to use all banking and ATM services.


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