A unique design
that draws its inspiration from Istanbul:

Istanbul New Airport

A Unique Experience

Terminal and Passenger Flow

We will put significant care into creating a passenger-friendly environment in Istanbul New Airport, with departing and arriving passengers sharing similar positive experiences. We will simplify passenger flow with easy-to-see transit routes, legible signboards and comfortable walking distances. Arrivals and departures will be organized in two different flows which will render orientation more intuitive, simple and clear.

Duty Free - Eating and Drinking Facilities

Istanbul New Airport has a total of more than 100,000 m2 retail space. The airport’s retail space and food services will cover an area of 1,450 m2 per million passengers annually, thus maximizing passenger comfort and experience. We will thereby offer travelers more space, more options, more comfort.

We will build the biggest Duty Free zone in the world as the New Airport boasts more than 400 national and international brands over an area of 53 thousand square meters. Unifree Duty Free, 60% of which is owned by German Gebr. Heinemann, has won the operating rights for 25 years in the Duty Free zone.


The Plaza will be situated between the passenger transit unit and the terminal where visitors and those who meet passengers can roam freely. The area will include stores, eating and drinking facilities, and access to all means of transportation.

Parking Garage and Station

The parking garage will be equipped with smart systems and a capacity of 24 thousand vehicles, the biggest in Europe. The New Airport’s Passenger Transit Unit will have a station in the terminal to connect integrally with subway and express trains.

Airport City

We are planning to build an Airport City over an area stretching from the front of the terminals to the southern end of the airport. The city will include office buildings, airport hotels, mosques, medical centers, trade fair and conference centers.