Our employees are
our most valuable asset

Istanbul New Airport

Our Principles

• Embrace and guide our employees in their development
• Attract highly knowledgeable, success-oriented, open-minded and innovative people who are capable of delivering high performance with their pioneering spirit and experience
• Establish a corporate structure characterized by employees who appreciate their responsibilities, take every opportunity to improve upon their work, and are productive
• Provide the environment and opportunities necessary for high-potential employees to achieve their goals
• Increase the value added to our organization by our employees through training programs oriented towards both personal and professional development at every level

Our values

• Employees are our most valuable asset and, as such, investing in their development is a top priority
• We believe in “Teamwork” and we do not compromise on it. Everyone is part of the team and responsible for developing IGA synergy
• As part of our corporate culture, we are committed to maintaining full compliance with laws and codes of conduct in all our relations, being fully aware of our responsibility to future generations
• All efforts are directed towards the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. We focus on the needs and expectations of our customers in every product and service we offer
• We believe that our achievements, and the pride we take in them, must be shared among all team members