İGA attaches great importance to the privacy and confidentiality of personal information, operating principles and corporate responsibility.

İGA's obligations and principles in this regard are outlined below. İGA is committed to comply with these rules in full.

Listed below are the principles governing İGA's approach to corporate information shared by its partners, as well as with regard to personal information received from customers using İGA's products and services. İGA cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage which may be incurred by third parties.

İGA "Website" places utmost importance on protection of personal information. Therefore, İGA is committed to fully comply with all legal obligations pertaining to confidentiality of personal information. All operations requiring personal information at the website are carried out in accordance with legal requirements. İGA guarantees that the confidentiality of your personal data will be maintained at all times, and that information will be used in a responsible manner.

İGA employs technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information against intentional or accidental use, loss, or access by unauthorized persons. These security measures are continuously improved in accordance with current standards.

İGA is committed to maintain the confidentiality of all corporate information, documents or strategically significant data received before or during any joint efforts.


As with many web servers stores log files for statistical purposes. These logs contain standard information such as your IP address, Internet service provider, browser, operating system, and site enter-exit pages. Log files are not used except for statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your IP address and other information are not linked with your personal information.


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