Occupational Health and Safety


The purpose is to carry out and inspect the Occupational Health and Safety applications, in compliance with the standard no. TS 18001 and any legal legislation issued, through Zero Tolerance, Occupational Safety First, and Proactive OHS applications by ensuring participation of all employees and the concerned parties in the same.


It covers the Occupational Health and Safety applications in all areas we operate as İGA Airports in addition to those of the stakeholders.

Our General OHS Targets:

  • Zero Work Accident
  • Zero Occupational Disease


Our mission is to carry out our operations by creating management systems that meet the National and International OHS standards in the area of occupational health and safety together with all our stakeholders and cooperating with all the concerned parties in prevention of the work accidents and occupational diseases.


Our vision is becoming a leading organization in the Occupational Health and Safety area by adopting the nationally and internationally most current and advanced practices in this area.

Occupational Health and Safety and Environment and Sustainability Policies

We undertake to

  • Create an OHS culture targeting zero tolerance and zero accident and share this culture with our entire business circle in order to prevent all accidents and occupational diseases likely to happen throughout our operations in line with the 'human first' approach,
  • Create an OHS Management System, and set and achieve OHS goals in order to ensure continuous development and improvement in all our operations as well as ensuring effectiveness,
  • Obey the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, employer specifications that are in force in our country, the other international standards, and all compliance liabilities strictly,
  • OHS is the collective responsibility of all managers and employees, and integral part of the works being executed. Therefore, we also undertake to create Behavior-Oriented OHS Culture and Monitoring System, and ensure participation, encouragement, and motivation among the employees,
  • Give all employees the necessary trainings on OHS,
  • Prevent dangerous environments likely to cause accidents, and take measures to eliminate potential dangerous environments,
  • Assess the risks in all operations, develop and implement the appropriate control mechanisms to minimize the detected risks,
  • Prepare emergency plans and create and activate an organization that will respond to emergencies ASAP and in the most effective manner,
  • Create an OHS evaluation system for all the concerned parties, and ensure that they meet the legal requirements and İGA OHS Management System principles,
  • Measure and improve continuously the effectiveness of the OHS management system through periodic inspections and controls.